A letter to our customers from Stanley M. Bergman

Stanley M Bergman

To Our Valued Customers,

Throughout the pandemic, now in its 18 th month, we have communicated about challenges in the marketplace.
Today, I write to discuss the supply chain disruptions affecting practically every goods-based industry and
economy in the world.

The global supply chain is experiencing unprecedented stress amid increased demand for goods and shortages
of labor and shipping containers as well as delays at ports. It is affecting product availability and adding cost to
goods-based sectors of the global economy. Healthcare products are not immune from these conditions.

But we can reassure you that Henry Schein is using its global scale and supply chain expertise to secure the best
possible outcome for our customers. We are working with our global supplier network to minimize disruption,
especially as we head toward the end-of-year holiday season, when shipping availability is particularly stressed
because of holiday shopping, a phenomenon that is exacerbated by the acceleration of online commerce. We
recommend, as we did last year, that you plan ahead by stocking up in November for December’s needs.

As with so many markets, ours is experiencing inflation, which is affecting a wide array of products. We are
working to mitigate passing price increases on to our customers. Should there be shortages in a specific brand,
Henry Schein will do all we can to ensure adequate availability of alternative products.

Please know that Henry Schein is here to support you throughout this period, in keeping with our brand
promise – “Rely on Us.” If you have questions, please call or email your Henry Schein sales contact or reach out
to your local customer service team.

Thank you again for your understanding and for the privilege of serving you.


Stanley M Bergman

Stanley M. Bergman
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer