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Next Generation clear aligners

Reveal Clear Aligners offer a new solution for general practioners to provide reliable orthodontic treatment to their patients that is both comfortable and aesthetic. With in-office implementation support and access to an array of unique marketing services, Reveal can help dentists compete against direct to consumer aligner companies to grow their practices.

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Take a look at how Reveal compares to the competition

Exceptional clarity

Reveal clear aligners are uniquely clear, as the patented ClearWear™ plastic is thermoformed over a mould, preventing the lines created by 3D printing.

Stain resistant

After 8 hours in coffee, Reveal kept its clarity better than other aligners. With correct use and cleaning, Reveal aligners are less likely to cloud or discolour over time.

Fewer attachments

Reveal features a precision fit, plus uses an optimised trim over the gingiva to provide exceptional grip and control with less need for attachments in most cases.


"I just picked up my Reveal Clear Aligners. You can't even see I'm wearing them, they're so clear. Which is why I went with the Reveal brand. So check them out at And find a dental provider near you and ask for Reveal. I'm so excited."

Kelly Thiebaud, Actress
"What I love about Reveal is that they're completely different any other company in the fact that they're all handcrafted versus being 3D printed - this provides a much better grip on my teeth. They're also extremely clear and stain resistant. You can hardly tell they're on. I have mine on right now and it really looks like my teeth."

Cole Christiansen, LA Chargers

“Have been using Reveal Aligners for the last 18 months. I am very pleased with the way teeth are tracking even during tough movements. This results in an ON TIME or early finish. 
My staff love it because I don’t have to do too many refinements. Patients love them because they are truly clear aligners and I don’t have to use as many attachments as I used to with other brands. I guess this is called a win-win situation! Thank you Reveal for being environmentally friendly!”

Anas Athar, Orthodontist and Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

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