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Take a digital or PVS impression of the patient's upper jaw, lower jaw and bite

It's really important to have a thoroughly detailed impression of the patient's teeth, so a digital intraoral scanner is recommended. However, high quality PVS impressions are accepted.

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Submit a Reveal aligner case

Our dedicated orthodontic technicians will create a treatment plan for you based on your recommendations and the patient's chief complaint. This way, no previous clear aligner experience is necessary before you can start treating patients. Simply enter the details of the case in the user friendly DDX portal.

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Accept the treatment plan or make adjustments

The technician will create the treatment plan and you will be able to either accept the plan as-is, or make an adjustment if you choose to. The case will go between you and the technician until you and the patient are 100% happy.

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Aligners will be manufactured and delivered to you

You will receive all aligner trays within 10-15 business days after accepting the plan in DDX. You are in control of how many aligners the patient receives at one time, in order for you to keep an eye on their progress and easily spot any adjustments that might be needed. This will also maintain patient compliance. Call your patient in for an appointment to give them their first trays.



Support the patient throughout their Reveal journey!

Now is the exciting part! Your patient is ready to start transforming their smile. Remember to take photos before and after treatment!

Why Reveal?

What makes Reveal clear Aligners different?

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STRAIGHT TRIM - Aligners are trimmed to cover the interproximal gingiva, which gives them excellent grip without the need for attachments in most cases
STAIN RESISTANT - Patented ClearWearTM material is less likely to stain or discolour over time, giving a truly invisible look
THERMOFORMED, NOT PRINTED - Made from patented ClearWear™ material, which is thermoformed over a mould of the patient's teeth, preventing lines caused by 3D printing production
FEWER ATTACHMENTS - Less need for attachments in most cases, which means a treatement with excellent aesthetics




Frequently Asked Questions

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About Reveal

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3 packages to suit all cases

Reveal can be purchased as three packages:

  • Express - up to 10 steps
  • Lite - up to 20 steps
  • Standard - up to 30 steps

All packages comes with 1 set of retainers, plus 1 refinement if needed.  Further refinements can be purchased extra if necessary.


PLUS: Receive 1 free pack White Dental Beauty patient whitening kit and aligner and retainer cleaning tabs with your first Reveal order!

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Offer your customers a full Confident Smile Makeover by combining Reveal with White Dental Beauty whitening and CompoSite bonding.



"I just picked up my Reveal Clear Aligners. You can't even see I'm wearing them, they're so clear. Which is why I went with the Reveal brand. So check them out at revealclearaligners.com. And find a dental provider near you and ask for Reveal. I'm so excited."

Kelly Thiebaud, Actress
"What I love about Reveal is that they're completely different any other company in the fact that they're all handcrafted versus being 3D printed - this provides a much better grip on my teeth. They're also extremely clear and stain resistant. You can hardly tell they're on. I have mine on right now and it really looks like my teeth."

Cole Christiansen, LA Chargers

“Have been using Reveal Aligners for the last 18 months. I am very pleased with the way teeth are tracking even during tough movements. This results in an ON TIME or early finish. 
My staff love it because I don’t have to do too many refinements. Patients love them because they are truly clear aligners and I don’t have to use as many attachments as I used to with other brands. I guess this is called a win-win situation! Thank you Reveal for being environmentally friendly!”

Anas Athar, Orthodontist and Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist