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"I just picked up my Reveal Clear Aligners. You can't even see I'm wearing them, they're so clear. Which is why I went with the Reveal brand. So check them out at And find a dental provider near you and ask for Reveal. I'm so excited."

Kelly Thiebaud, Actress
"What I love about Reveal is that they're completely different any other company in the fact that they're all handcrafted versus being 3D printed - this provides a much better grip on my teeth. They're also extremely clear and stain resistant. You can hardly tell they're on. I have mine on right now and it really looks like my teeth."

Cole Christiansen, LA Chargers

“Have been using Reveal Aligners for the last 18 months. I am very pleased with the way teeth are tracking even during tough movements. This results in an ON TIME or early finish. 
My staff love it because I don’t have to do too many refinements. Patients love them because they are truly clear aligners and I don’t have to use as many attachments as I used to with other brands. I guess this is called a win-win situation! Thank you Reveal for being environmentally friendly!”

Anas Athar, Orthodontist and Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist