Everyday preventatives for healthy patients

Discover the all new Acclean, the dental brand that specialises in providing dental hygienists with the tools they need to deliver efficient, effective, and high-quality dental care to their patients.

Acclean understands that dental professionals need a comprehensive range of products that can help them at every stage of preventative care. That's why Acclean have developed a line of high-quality, high-value products that are designed to meet the needs of dental hygienists, and at a great value too!

The new everyday preventative products developed by Acclean are designed to help dental professionals keep their patients happy and healthy. They are delivered exclusively through Henry Schein, and will begin their gradual roll-out from March/April 2023.

Dental hygienists are in high demand, so Acclean have designed products to help hygienists save time and work more efficiently, so they can focus on providing the best care possible to their patients.

Looking after every stage of oral care

Acclean have also introduced a colour-coded system signifying the stages of care that dental hygienists cover. Even more excitingly, these are just the first few new products from Acclean that will be available at Henry Schein. Watch this space as we will be releasing a range of fresh new dental supplies, all created with hygienists in mind. Go further with more preventative products designed to help keep healthy patients healthy. Watch this space!


Clean and Polish

The blue products include tools used to clean teeth during hygiene visits and products that are fundamental to preventing problems with oral health and hygiene. This includes scalers, ultrasonic inserts, and handpieces.
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Treat and protect

These green products promote and sustain oral hygiene after a visit to the hygienist. Some examples of green products are oral rinse, fluoride varnish treatments, fluoride foams and trays, and pit and fissure sealant. 

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Home Care

Orange home care products cover everything hygienists need to support patients’ daily oral wellness at home, such as teeth whitening, floss, toothbrushes, threaders, anti-cavity gels, and dental picks. 

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Acclean has combined this colour-coded approach with their new packaging. The simplified design and colour-coded products makes it easier for hygienists to find exactly what they are looking for in less time.


Products that meet real-world needs

Acclean is committed to providing the best possible products at a great value. To reach this goal, Acclean’s products are developed based on research and real-world conversations with dental professionals. Acclean is specifically designed to meet the needs of dental professionals and their patients.

Patrick Allen, Vice President Dental, UKINSA Region and Commercial Development EMEA at Henry Schein, explained: “The refreshed ACCLEAN brand was designed to help simplify the day-to-day operations of dentists and dental hygienists, allowing them to spend more time focusing on patient care.”

If you are looking for high-quality, high-value products for your dental practice, Acclean is the brand for you.

Try the new Acclean products today and experience the difference for yourself!